Betalight – SRBT

When reliability really counts

Betalight b.v  provides Tritium illumination for over 600 NATO stock numbers / weapon systems like watches, gun sights, compasses, gauges, dials and other lighting applications.

Betalights are unique, providing a highly reliable and continuous light source throughout a long service life of 15 years without the need for any kind of electrical power. After the service life of 10/ 15 years we take back the expired products for recycling.

Our assortment is divided into different categories

Light Sources For different applications - Custom made betalights
Civil Market Fire & safety signs - Various route markers - Door handles
Aircraft Industry A/C exit signs - Chair and path markers - Aircraft sign comparator - Different light sources for various gauges
Offshore & Maritime           Offshore & Fire safety signs
Military / Outdoor Tritium illuminated compasses - Torches - Tactical Watches - Kit-markers - Map readers - BetaMarkers - Glowpads
MoD    Tritium sight illumination - Aiming post markers - Defile markers - Peglights - and many other products, please see downloads for our NSN list
Disposal / Recycling         Gaseous Tritium Light Sources or Light Devices (GTLS & GTLD)

Tactile Wayguidance

Glow in the dark tape, anti-slip tape, route markers, Pictograms, Stair profiles, evacuation plans and pictograms for trains and stations






Self-Luminous Safety Products

Completely independent, Maintenance free, 
No external power

Outdoor and Tactical Devices

Water resistant, Absolute reliability,