Düşük Yansımalı Infrared

Low-Reflectance Infrared Germanium Coating

This broadband infrared AR coating covers the range from 8 to 11.5µ on Germanium. Overall transmission exceeds 98% average with a minimum of 96% when coated on two sides of a 1mm thick substrate. Average reflectance is less than 0.5% per surface.

The coating meets or exceeds MIL-M-13508B, Paragraphs 4.4.5 and 4.4.6 for hardness and adhesion, and MIL-C-675A, Paragraph 4.6.9 for humidity. The coating can operate over a wide temperature range while being virtually insoluble in water, acetone, alcohol and mild detergents.


  • Reflectance: R< 0.5% average per surface from 8 to 11.5µ
  • Transmittance: T>98% average from 8 to 11.5µ
  • Scatter and Absorption Loss: < 0.5% per surface
  • Angle of Incidence: 0º
  • Durability: Meets or exceeds durability & environmental specifications of MIL-C-48497
  • Temperature Range: -150º to +350ºC