Tamir & Yenileme

Repairs-300x225SIO has a long and successful history of maintenance and depot programs with the U.S. Army and U.S. Marines along with our ongoing work with OEMs such as Textron Marine & Land Systems, Raytheon and BAE. Currently SIO is the Sole Source Maintenance and Repair Center for the U.S. Marines M36T1 Thermal Sight modules, the Thermal Head and Interbody Assemblies, Textron’s ASVM35 Sight for the M1117 Armored Security Vehicle, and Raytheon’s M32 Training Sights. SIO has complete capability to perform all functions of depot level maintenance including repair, fabrication, manufacture, rebuilding, assembly overhaul, modification, refurbishment, test, analysis, and upgrade.

We provide sole source repair and maintenance of:

  • M36E3 (US Marine Corps)
  • M36ASV (US Army and Textron)
  • M36T1 Thermal Head and Interbody (US Marine Corps)

We have extensive experience and full capability in sights from various turrets such as:

  • DIM36
  • AN/VVS2
  • M28
  • M32
  • M35
  • M36E4 (Canada)
  • M36E5 (Kuwait)
  • M105 Telescope

SIO has expertise in Fire Control equipment that no longer has technical data and/or support from the OEM. SIO’s state-of-the-art optical capability allows refurbishment of optical elements, such as thermal windows, when replacement costs would be prohibitive. We can strip, polish and recoat – bringing the element back to its MIL-SPEC requirements.