Optical Coatings

optical-coatings1Whether it be hard, high damage-resistant ultra violet eximer coatings at 193, 248 or infrared coatings from 8-12 microns, SIO is a leader in the design and development of these films and integrating the designs into total fabricated parts. With the acquisition of the world recognized Broomer Research Inc. and Grayco Photonics, SIO has over 30 years of experience in thin films and a collective library of hundreds of optical designs to fit your needs.

All optical coatings meet or exceed applicable MIL specifications and most are hard refractory oxides evaporated with electron beam gun sources and, in some cases, ion assist evaporation. Infrared coatings are produced to the same high standard as visible coatings, especially for durability in the 8-12 micron region. From laser protection to blowing sand, our optical coatings can be found on some of the most sophisticated fire control equipment worldwide.

If required, reflectance of less than 0.1% per surface can be obtained and verified. Because of SIO’s vast experience with coatings in many wave length regions, data concerning power levels, especially in the ultraviolet range, are readily available.

SIO has the necessary spectrophotometers and state-of-the-art metrology to measure performance as well as a complete test facility to verify adhesion, abrasion, humidity, temperature and solubility.


Our Coatings:

Anti-Reflective Coatings

This BBAR is designed to operate over a broad region to anti-reflect tripled and quadrupled YAG and all wavelengths in between.

Low-Reflectance Infrared

Overall transmission exceeds 98% average with a minimum of 96% when coated on two sides of a 1mm thick substrate.

Reflective Coatings

This coating is generally used for applications which require high visual reflection while removing as much infrared heat as possible.

High Power HR Coating

These high reflectors are used in beam handling or intracavity optics.

Beam Splitter Coatings

SIO Non-polarizing Beam Splitter Cubes and Plate Polarizers are fabricated from all dielectric materials.