With the most extensive and experienced engineering staff in the business, SIO has total in-house capability for complex commercial and military systems. This includes upgrades and modernization, repair and refurbishment, maintenance and calibration, as well as assembly and testing. We proudly meet MIL-SPEC requirements including MIL-PRF-13830B, the Performance Specification for Optical Components. SIO has a long history of maintenance and depot programs with the U.S. Army and U.S. Marines along with our ongoing work with OEMs such as Textron Marine & Land Systems, Raytheon and BAE. Currently SIO is the Sole Source Maintenance and Repair Center for the U.S. Marines M36T1 Thermal Sight modules; the Thermal Head and Interbody Assemblies, Textron’s ASVM36 Sight for the M1117 Armored Security Vehicle, and Raytheon’s M32 Training Sights. SIO has designed USMC’s Optical Repair Station’s Test and Alignment Fixtures for the M36E3, along with providing repair parts and technical assistance. SIO maintains a staff and equipment to meet the urgent requirements that are part of the repair and maintenance arena. We have been especially noted for our economical and responsive turnaround time with Sights and Electro-Optical Instruments due to our complete in-house fabrication and coating of all classes of optical components. This has been especially useful in the repair of Sights utilizing expensive Optical elements. Rather than replace items such as Germanium Windows, SIO has reworked within given tolerances the existing Window, saving the customer additional costs and lead times. Our ability and commitment to maintain replacement parts and assemblies in our inventory has proved to be an invaluable asset to meet the rapid turnaround requirements of our customers.














Our Capabilities: