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Under the trigalight® brand, mb-microtec provides a unique technology for the defense and watch industries. This takes the form of a maintenance-free system that is 100 times more luminous than comparable systems and which does not need an external power source. trigalight® components are filled with tritium gas, which is unstable and decays into helium at a half-life of 12.3 years by emitting beta radiation (electrons).
The electrons are unable to penetrate human skin and can be stopped easily even by a sheet of paper. trigalight® products are therefore completely harmless to people, animals and the environment. The light sources have a minimum lifespan of at least 10 years, guaranteed by mb-microtec.

trigalight® Technology

trigalight® works similar to a CRT tube, formerly used in TV screens. Like TV CRT tubes, our lights are built using a glass housing, a gas proof glass containment. The inner walls of this glass vessel are coated with a very thin layer of phosphorescent powder. This powder (zinc sulfide) has the ability to change electrical energy into light.

The electric energy in case of the trigalight® is generated by the tritium gas, a low radiation beta emitter. While decaying, the tritium (red) looses its electrons (blue) . When such an electron hits the layer, it is captured and transformed into light.
The colours of our trigalights are therefore not dependent on the gas filled in, but on the coating, which can be varied.

The brightness of the light is however proportional to the filling pressure (quantity of gas).


For details please check www.trigalight.com and for our Trigalight Turkey website please visit www.mbmicrotec.com.tr