Boresight Equipment

IWI_8387_1-435x1024SIO manufactures and supplies Boresighting equipment to the U.S. Army, U.S. Marines, Original Equipment Manufacturers and Customer end users around the world.

Boresighting is the procedure that makes sure that the weapons and sighting devices are all operating on the same lines of sight, so that, when the ammunition is fired, it will have the best possible chance of hitting the target that is being sighted. As a procedure that establishes a relationship between the lines of sight of the sighting equipment and the lines of sight of the weapons at a given range, boresighting establishes the starting point from which all mechanical adjustments are made.

Boresight devices allow the crew to boresight weapon systems and the calibration devices and check the accuracy of the fire control system. These devices improve the accuracy of various weapon systems, as well as save ammunition, range time, and training time.

One of our Boresight Kits is detailed below. Many others are available.

Up Gun Weapon Station (UGWS) Boresight Kit
PN: 7004025
NSN: 1010-01-257-9967

The UGWS 40/50 Kit Consists of:
• 5X Elbow
• Boresight Filter
• 40mm Mandrel
• .50 Cal Mandrel
• Drift Pin
• Warning Flag
• Protractor
• Gun Cleaning Cloth
• Instruction Manual
• Aluminum Foam Lined Case

Modifications are available for specific sight requirements. Other boresight kits and support equipment including filter assemblies, synchronizing tools and boresight targets – both standard and thermal – are available.