Enhanced AN/VVS-2

Enhanced AN/VVS-2 Night Driver’s Viewer Conversion Kit

enhanced-an-vvs-2-night-drivers-viewerIO has developed a Conversion Kit, Patent no. 7,880,962, allowing the use of an 18mm GEN III Image Intensifier Tube to replace the costly and not readily available 25mm GEN II Image Intensifier Tube with Bonded Magnifier.

SIO’s patented and fielded conversion kit consists of all necessary components to allow for End User installation (18mm Image Intensifier Tube specified by customer). Conversion cost for kit and installation into the AN/VVS-2 is less than the cost of a GEN III 25mm Image Intensifier Tube with Magnifier.

The Flat Panel Screen replaces the problematic Biocular Assembly. The FPS improves clarity, viewer distance and user performance. It can be utilized on any existing AN-VVS-2 Mount or any new mount required by the End User. The 6.4 inch diagonal High Resolution AMLCD Flat Panel Screen has a rubber brow pad. The system is fully sealed, thermostatically heated, tested, approved and fielded.


  • Allows for use of high performance GEN III 18mm ANVIS Image Intensifier Tube(or any customer specified 18mm Tube) with increased resolution and sensitivity
  • Readily available.
  • Reduces tube replacement cost.
  • Allows for use of existing GEN III Intensifier Tube inventory from other Night Vision Equipment.
  • No need for Tapered Magnifier.
  • Customer installation provides local in country participation.
  • Includes all necessary hardware, optics and instructions.

The FPS allows import of additional signals from GPS, compass, and other transmitted data.