Test Equipment

testing-equipment4As a developer and producer of military products, SIO not only understands the technical, manufacturing and end user performance requirements, but also the necessity for their proper verification. SIO has years of experience in design, manufacture and testing of critical optical components and systems. Based on this core expertise, we have invested heavily in design and fabrication of all levels of test and inspection equipment to assure that the final assembly requirements are tested properly against the standards called out in all pertinent specifications. Building on these strengths, SIO is uniquely positioned to design, develop and produce test equipment. SIO has supplied to the US Marine Corps’ Opto-Electrical repair depots, General Dynamics, Hughes Aircraft, Turkish land forces and others with all levels of test equipment used for vehicle sighting equipment.

We excel in the areas of:

  • Design and manufacture of depot level test stands for repair and realignment of complex fire control systems
  • Design and manufacture of test fixtures and equipment for qualification/requalification
  • Design and fabrication of test equipment for specific customer requirements