DNEA-FPS Modular Elbow

dnea-fpsThe DNEA FPS sight system is based on SIO’s patented imaging technology (Patent no. 7880962). It is a direct replacement for M36, M35 and M32 image intensifier elbows. The system is available in two models – a commander’s sight for night vision, and a gunner’s sight for both day and night operation. Data from the gunner’s sight can be exported directly to the commander’s sight. Both models feature high performance 18mm ANVIS Gen II or III image intensifier tubes and utilize cutting edge image technology. Fabricated from hardened, proven military subsystems, it features electronically generated reticles, electronic boresighting, digital zoom and day and night electronic imagery which includes a Low Light Day System. Improved gunner performance is ensured by an easy to operate and fatigue-free, high resolution Flat Panel Display. In addition to quick and easy installation, the modular design assures exceptionally easy maintainability.