Prisms & Beam Splitters

prism1Optical prisms are found in applications where beam steering and/or image manipulation is needed. They are components with at least two polished plano surfaces separated by a wedge angle. These elements are used to reflect or refract light.

SIO fabricates prisms from various optical materials for UV, visible and IR applications, ground and polished to high precision for use in transmission or reflectance. Materials processed include:

  • Crystals such as silicon and germanium
  • Hard ceramics including AlON and spinel
  • Available optical glasses
  • Fused silica plus low expansion optical ceramics


IWI_7757-300x231SIO uses state-of-the-art metrology to inspect 100% of all optics. Test data is provided as required. Our goal is to provide products that assure complete customer satisfaction.

Typical available prisms include:

  • Dual Wavelength (SIO U.S. Patent 5943163A)
  • Roof Prisms such as Dove, Amici, Schmidt
  • Penta
  • Right Angle
  • Pechan
  • Beam Splitter (Cube)