M36T1 Day and Night Thermal Gunner’s Sight

The M36T1 is based on the M36E-series fire control system with SIO’s patented optical conversions that allow the unit to accept the T1 thermal elbow. This ingenious design allows the user the benefits of thermal sighting while maintaining the proven durability of the standard M36. The system consists of a Thermal Head assembly, Day Body Assembly and Thermal Elbow. Thanks to its modular design and identical footprint, a standard M36 can be upgraded easily to our M36T1, and then installed without modification to the turret. Power and adjustments stay the same.

The benefit of employing the M36T1 is its ability to meet the requirements of the modern battlefield, such as observing through harsh environmental conditions (including smoke), detecting camouflaged targets etc. Due to our sensor selection that operates in the 3 to 5 micron range we get clear images when looking through rain, fog, sea spray and clouds.

The SIO M36T1 is modular in design, field serviceable and easy to install. The system is reliable, and its performance has no match, all at a cost, that is very economical.

Features and advantages:

  • The M36T1 provides a state-of-the-art upgrade from image intensified to Thermal as a “drop-in”
  • US Army Aberdeen Proving Grounds tested and approved
  • Safety Release
  • Fully modular – interchangeable modules allow for ease of installation and replacement.
  • Meets all requirements of MIl-P-48451
  • Proven field durability: In service with the U.S. Army.
  • Both Thermal Head and Interbody are approved and fielded by the U.S. Marine Corp in the AAV.
  • No interference in turret including weapon system
  • No change in vehicle sight installation
  • Comes standard with multiple user defined reticle and video output
  • Optional low cost eye-safe laser rangefinder is available