Maintenance & Calibration

repairSIO offers years of extensive experience in performing maintenance and calibration of a wide range of equipment. We excel in design and fabrication of test and alignment fixtures for use by depot facilities and OEMs for repair and realignment of complex fire control systems. We have invested heavily in design and fabrication of all levels of test and inspection equipment to assure that, whether maintenance is routine or major, proper alignment and calibration can be attained and verified and, when required, the final assembly requirements are tested properly against the standards called out in all pertinent specifications.

SIO has specific, extensive expertise with M36 series of sights and similar systems for U.S. and offshore military and prime contractors.

SIO has the capability and capacity to perform Mechanical and Optical Calibration to original MIL-SPEC condition including:

  • Plumb Travel
  • Parallax
  • Focus
  • Drive arm
  • Collimation