Starting with the knowledge base and capabilities gained through acquisition of Broomer Research Inc. and Grayco Photonics, SIO has developed a vast amount of expertise in the fabrication of complex, precision subassemblies.

These subassemblies are commonly used in medical and commercial applications including test equipment such as radiometers and spectrophotometers as well as in military and aerospace.

SIO pioneered in the design and production of cinematography and projection equipment for 3D movies. To our credit are such achievements as:

  • MARS Pathfinder camera objective assembly
  • Dome assembly for BAT Missile (Raytheon)
  • Alignment Telescope for US Air Force Lantern Program
  • Special Camera Lens Assembly for Shlumberger – Doll Research

Whether build-to-print or design, both independently or in cooperation with our customer, SIO has delivered reliable and exacting subassemblies that have assured successful project completion of our customers.